WaringBlog Landing!

Welcome to the new Waring School Blog!

The school year here on campus is well under way. We’ve come and gone from Camping Trip, our annual Convocation is in the books, and our visit with our professional goatscapers is over (#goatscaping).

Goat lunchtime

Goat lunchtime

Art class en plein air

Art class en plein air

We are hoping this new blog will serve as a regular window into what is going on here at 35 Standley, in our 40th year on the Beverly campus. We will have guest posts, teacher profiles, classroom happenings, essays, articles and photos. We want to hear from you and we invite you to come to campus – whether you’re new to Waring completely or have just been meaning to pay a visit.

All School Meeting

All School Meeting

Additionally, if you have any ideas for a post, would like to write an article, would like to say a public “hey y’all” or just want to get in touch, please let us know.

More soon! Stay tuned….

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